Characteristics of Highly Emotionally Intelligent People

Emotionally Intelligent

  1. Not Creepy but Not Meek – People with high EQ’s go for what they want socially without being creepy. This is because they commit to a social action and follow through. Usually what makes an act creepy is when we reach out to touch someone but get self conscious midway through.
  2. “I Understand Where You’re Coming From” – People with high emotional intelligence are constantly validating other people’s point of view. Many times when we get into a disagreement with someone, it’s important to validate their position. This generally makes people more willing to compromise.
  3. They Know how to Make People Feel Important – Whether it’s remembering small details about their family or getting excited when they walk into a room, people with high EQ’s know how to make the people around them feel important and appreciated.
  4. They Know How to Joke – Knowing what joke to say at what time is a huge indicator of emotional intelligence. They know what jokes are appropriate, what jokes will make what people laugh, and how far they can take a joke without hurting someone’s feelings.
  5. Embrace and Smile – The people with the highest EQ know how to embrace you, and how to smile. Both of these things will help you feel at ease around them.
  6. They Know What Fights are Worth Fighting – You’ve probably had an argument with someone and thought to yourself midway through the argument “Why did I even bring this up?” People with high EQ know when to when engage in an argument and when to walk away.
  7. Thank You – The people I know with the highest eq are constantly saying thank you no matter how small the favor. This shows an awareness to the fact that people are going out of their way to help you.
  8. Have No Problem Saying Sorry When They Are Wrong – The people I know with the lowest EQ have a hard time saying sorry.
  9. They are Able to Argue Constructively – Whenever I am arguing with someone with high EQ, they are able to distill what we are actually arguing about in a matter of seconds. This helps us stay on topic and get a clearer insight into what the other person wants.

Source: Quora

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